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Natural Relaxation and Stress Reduction: 10 tips

19th Apr 2022

Natural Relaxation and Stress Reduction: 10 tips

Your health and well-being improves when you spend time in nature.

Nature is good for your physical, emotional, and mental health, but how you spend your time out there may have an

impact. Try these tips to make your time outdoors more mindful, whether you are relaxing, relieving stress or anxiety,

focusing your mind, or improving your health and well-being.

When you spend time in nature, there are numerous benefits to your mental wellbeing, such as lower stress levels and

improved memory. You may not remember how relaxing nature can be if you are used to spending most of your time in

front of a screen - whether it's a phone, computer, or any other.

Take a few trees to hug and head home. You can enjoy nature and have fun at the same time in a variety of other ways.

Stress can also be managed this way.

The following 10 activities will change your life, from the simple to the life-changing.

1. Take it all in.

While CGI-heavy movies on 4K televisions captivate our imaginations, sometimes there is nothing like a

real-world spectacle that can rival what you see on screen. Have you ever watched a sunrise or a sunset from the

top of the nearest hill? After a hectic day at work, or after a hectic morning, the scenery will calm your nerves and

get you ready for the coming night.

2. Experience the wilderness.

All walks are not created equal, but walking is good for you. In comparison to hiking a local trail or feeling the

sand under your feet, zipping through the city streets is not as mentally stimulating. It's not necessary for you to

have a particular destination in mind, either - your goal is to immerse yourself in the natural world around you, not

to hike a particular number of miles. It has the ability to rejuvenate a weary mind and is called "forest bathing" by

the Japanese.

3. Let the music fill your mind.

That is, not the music you hear through your headphones. Consider leaving your electronics behind and listening

to nature's sounds: babbling brooks, bird songs, wind whistling through the trees and unseen animals moving

through the canopy. In contrast to honking horns and text message alerts you are used to, this is much more

relaxing, and it allows you to practice meditation mindfulness in a peaceful environment.

4. Fit yourself.

No place is better for working on your fitness goals than the great outdoors. If it's a rainy day, go for a walk or jog

in the fresh air instead of using the treadmill. Obviously, you don't have to cover much ground to exercise

(although it can feel great on a misty day.) Most public parks have exercise stations where you can do stretches

or exercises like sit-ups and deep knee bends. If you would like to exercise both the mind and the body, consider

Tai Chi.

5. The perfect place to be.

Stretching and strengthening the core are two of the many physical benefits of yoga. Yoga also helps you relax.

The more nature you are surrounded by, the more endorphins you are likely to release, which may boost the

benefits of your yoga practice. So rather than hitting the gym, try finding a park with a view and making it your

yoga studio.

6. Sunlight is the best place to study.

Leave the fluorescent bulbs behind if you need to study or digest written material. Reading under the blue sky can

enhance cognitive abilities, including memory and problem-solving. For this reason, if you want to do better on a

big test at school or to figure out how to land a crucial account at work, it would be better to surround yourself with

birds and trees, rather than fellow students and chatty coworkers.

7. Take your picnic with you.

Enjoy your lunch surrounded by the natural beauty of the park while you load a basket with healthy goodies.

Enjoy quality time with friends and family at a picnic - no technology and other distractions distract you from the

experience. Socialising with others is made easier in nature, so it makes sense that it’s the perfect place for

building stronger relationships with those you care about.

8. Take a fishing trip.

There are many positive aspects to fishing, such as being outside, being near the water, and having patience.

Better still, grab a young niece or nephew or grandchild, and teach them how to fish. You’ll both have a treasured

memory, even if you don’t catch (and release) anything. If you’re lucky, one of your perches turns into a marlin

after your family retells the story over and over again.

9. Take a Lookup in the sky.

There’s an interesting phenomenon going on with birds that thousands of people enjoy watching: Your local

Audubon chapter probably offers bird spotting walks that are open to the public for free. When you can see or

hear a bird by sight or sound, it’s a thrill. Bird watching is a relaxing way to unwind in nature, with your head in the

clouds. Either way, you can find free resources online to help you identify the birds in your area.

10. Take a nap under the star.

You are now serious about it. For a couple of days, why not make nature your home and disconnect entirely?

With Camping, you can travel further than you can with a simple day trip. For those not interested in roughing it,

try glamping. You can still have some of the comforts you love while still being away from it all. Take your phone,

but don't use it to scroll social media constantly. Instead, use it for that cool stargazing app (or an emergency, if

necessary). Do not let your fear of missing out keep you from taking part. Instead, let your joy of missing out keep

you involved. Enjoy the moment!

Make sure you #movemore in the great outdoors, but also #relaxmore.

● Choosing one of the first three ideas to try with a friend is a great way to get started. You'll have a lot of fun!

● As your life becomes more outdoor-oriented, plan a bigger outing with your companions. Go on a picnic or even a

camping trip as the outdoors becomes more important to you.

Take a deep breath in nature, so you will be healthy for life!

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