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Health & the Need for Organic Herbal Supplements

Healthy living has been practiced by humans since ancient times. In todays era, health has a multidimensional approach. As per WHO, it is defined as a “State of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. To achieve this object, the emphasis is first on being healthy and later maintaining it in the longer run.

Various factors like social, environmental, political and economic have an impact on an individual’s life, thus his health. This impact can be in the way of the body experiencing stress. It’s our body’s natural phenomenon to handle stress in small doses but when that stress starts getting chronic, it can have grave effects on the body. As an end result, the person becomes fatigued, energy levels deplete and stress-related tension starts building up in the body. This harmful effect could be in the form of oxidative stress.

Our body cells naturally produce antioxidants such as glutathione. Diet is also an important source of antioxidants. There are also herbs known as Adaptogen that enhance the overall resistance to stressors without underestimating the normal body functions nor becoming addictive.

In this fast paced life every individual looks forward to having a better form of her/him-self. It is very easy for some of us to feel and express compassion, care and love towards others, but to extend the same level of these actions towards our self is often difficult. Being pampered by others often makes us happy. How about pampering ourselves? The same principle applies to Healthy Living. The initiative is to maintain decorum of replenishing our antioxidants, micronutrients-vitamins and minerals on a daily basis through the intake of Dietary supplements that promise us their supply.

Now how do we achieve this? The answer is very simple, just get back to our mother nature that has in abundance all that we need. It’s just a matter of choosing the best and give that best to ourselves.

There are various vitamins and supplements available in the market today, the question arises, do they really benefit us? Do they provide the nutrients we are looking for? Most of them are either just too synthetic or carry some potential risk/damage causing components. At times the health risk may outweigh the benefits. This is where the organically produced herbs come into picture. It's a concept based on the crop cultivation by using biological methods, i.e. crop rotation, waste derived from the farms, animal manure, crop waste, bio or vermin - compost / fertilisers. The use of any synthetic method like pesticides, insecticides, genetically engineered, antibiotics, and additives is prohibited. The pesticides and synthetic agents that are used most often during cultivation process, have known to be carcinogenic, toxic to the brain and have harmful effects on the immune system.

Ayurveda, the science of life, has been the Indian traditional system of medicine, almost 5000 years old. It aims to treat the sick and retain the health of the healthy. It can be said that Organic farming was practised even during the ancient times. And now when we talk about restoring health, the branch of Ayurveda called "Rasayana" comes into picture. There are various herbs also used in this treatment modality that detoxify the body, provide finest nutrition at cellular level, prove to be a good source of micronutrients and improve the overall well being.

Thus, organically grown and carefully selected herbs in our herbal preparations have higher nutritional component, wide range of pharmacological properties with retained potentials and also promise to assist you in regaining and maintaining a healthy stress response in the body. Also there are many other benefits like regulation of body fat, muscle tone improvement, mind relaxation, enhancement of immunity, mental clarity and alertness. 

Simple and the best means to give you the nutrients to lead a happy, healthy and a well balanced life.We are glad to be a part in your aim for Healthy Living by introducing our Organic Herbal Supplements, named The Good Guru.

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