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Tips to Help You Balance Your Blood Sugar

Posted by Elizabeth March on 20th Aug 2018

Tips to Help You Balance Your Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar Diets are a hot topic this summer, and with good reason. Regulating your blood sugar levels is important because it can help your body to ensure a constant supply of energy to your organs, it can also help to control your weight and keep your mood nice and stable. They are also a good way to achieve sustained results that deliver long-term benefits to your health and wellbeing.

Most people are wholly aware of the fact that refined sugars are not good for the body. However, foods of convenience and many other types of common cuisine in the typical western diet are known to be high in these types of sugars.

Why You Need to Balance Your Blood Sugar

There are now millions of people across the globe who need help balancing their blood sugar levels. The mismanagement of blood sugar can also impact the health and well-being of a person. Some of the typical issues faced include weight gain, fatigue, sugar cravings and in some cases, it can also affect heart-health.

Three Tips for balancing your Blood Sugar Levels

Now you know a little bit more about why it is important to balance your blood sugar, here are some quick and easy tips you can implement with ease to help you regain control of your blood sugars.

1. Eat Well

BlueBerries - Whatever form they come in, be it fresh, dried, or frozen; blueberries help you to balance your blood sugar levels. Research has proven that adding blueberries to a diet will help enhance insulin sensitivity and better balance blood sugar levels.

Coconut - Not only does fresh coconut taste great, when you eat it, it can also help to regulate the blood sugar levels in your body. Adding this to curries and soups is an easy way to introduce it into your diet if you don’t want to eat it alone.

2. Drink Good

Drink Lemon-Water - Drinking water is important for hydration, but if you add in a slice of lemon or even a cucumber, this can help you to feel fuller for longer, and you benefit from having a low-sugar and low-carb drink.

3. Take Care of your Body

Take Regular Exercise - By giving your body a regular work-out, this helps turn sugar into vital fuel for your muscles. Increased exercise will help to reduce your blood sugar levels.

Keep Stress at Bay - Certain hormones such as Cortisol and Glucagon are known to raise your blood sugar levels; they are released into the body when you become stressed. Meditation and relaxation techniques are proven ways to help you lower blood sugar levels and combat stress.

At The Good Guru, we understand the need to provide a simple solution to help you achieve your goals which is why we have introduced our Good Sugar Control formula. If you are considering a blood sugar diet or are planning on implementing some of these tips to help you balance your blood sugar, this product will make the perfect accompaniment to be used alongside these approaches. 

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