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The power of Tulsi as a herb

12th Apr 2022

The power of Tulsi as a herb

The herb tulsi (Holy Basil) has healing properties that boost the immune system and relieve stress. A unique blend of Rama, Krishna, and Vana Tulsi leaves creates a highly-inspiring beverage that is fragrant, uplifting, and full-bodied.What Tulsi is all about

The beneficial properties of Tulsi make it the "Queen of Herbs" in India, and it is revered as one of nature's most powerful sacred plants. Its remarkable life-enhancing qualities, stated repeatedly in ancient Indian scriptures dating back 5,000 years and traditionally grown in earthen pots in every family home or garden, can now be fully realized in Tulsi, grown traditionally in your own home.

● Relaxation and Stress Reduction

● Helps to Boost Immunity

● Has Antioxidants

● Helps you Stay Active - Boosts Stamina

● Enhances Digestion and Metabolism

● Combats Colds, Flu and illness

● Anti-Aging

● Mood Booster

● Jet Lag Prevention

The benefits of tulsi include regulating blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood vessels and supporting the heart, lungs, liver, and blood vessels.

Basil is one of the most popular herbs in the United Kingdom, whether it's sprinkled on top of pasta or blended into pesto. Basil is thought to be one of our top five favourite herbs, trailed only by rosemary and coriander.

While we may enjoy the aromatic flavour of leafy green basil, it has been used for centuries. Holy basil, also known as tulsi, is a type of basil that is well-known for its purported health benefits and religious sanctity. But what exactly is it? Is it worth incorporating into your health and wellness routine? Everything you need to know is provided below.

What exactly is holy basil?

While we're all familiar with basil, holy basil is not the same as sweet or Thai basil. The herb has a wide range of reported benefits, and it can be used in its entirety rather than just the leaves. In fact, because of its purported nutritional benefits, holy basil is often referred to as "the queen of herbs" or "the incomparable one."

Ocimum tenuiflorum is the scientific name for holy basil. It is native to Southeast Asia, but it can be found all over the world. It has a clove-like scent and flavour, making it a useful cooking ingredient (though it is frequently used medicinally or in supplements).

The advantages of holy basil

While research is still ongoing, there have been several scientific studies conducted on the reported benefits of holy basil. The herb contains vitamins A and C and calcium, zinc, and iron. It is also believed that holy basil functions as an adaptogen, which contributes to its reported health benefits. 5

Other holy basil advantages may include:

1. Stress reduction

2. Antioxidant activity

3. Maintaining blood sugar levels

4. Keep cholesterol levels normal.

It's worth noting that some of the studies on holy basil are limited because many were not conducted on humans. It's always good to consult your doctor before using holy basil, especially if you have any health concerns.

Who should stay away from holy basil?

Most people consider holy basil to be safe, and clinical studies have found few side effects. However, when selecting holy basil supplements, you should always proceed with caution and make sure to buy from a reputable seller.

Before taking any supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor.

How to Increase the Amount of Holy Basil in Your Diet

Holy basil is available in a variety of forms. Holy basil is available in fresh, dried, or powdered form as flavouring seasonings or ingredients that can be added to recipes, smoothies, and teas.

There are also a variety of holy basil supplements available in capsule or pill form. To ensure you're taking the correct amount, always stick to the recommended dosage on your chosen product.

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