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How to take care yourself while you are busy

20th Apr 2022

How to take care yourself while you are busy

Whenever things go wrong, it’s easy to blame yourself when you’re busy and overburdened. It doesn’t matter how much you may be carrying-in fact, it’s especially important to take a step back in these moments, be kind to yourself, and take care of yourself.Young Entrepreneur Council members—busy people by definition—were asked what approaches worked best for them. Here are their suggestions:

1. Make self-care a part of your morning routine.

As an alternative to letting myself get overwhelmed and trying to catch up on self-care all at once, I've started meditating, exercising, and reflecting every morning. My daily self-care routine helps me avoid stress, stay grounded, and prepare myself for work each day.

2. Give yourself a reward.

From time to time, reward yourself, especially if you've gotten your business through a tough period or finished an extremely challenging project. A happier, healthier you will reap significant rewards, and it won't break your budget.

3. Get in touch with a therapist.

My work is fast-paced and stressful, and I have learned to forgive myself on days when I am not motivated. Productivity comes and goes, and it’s all right. As a result, when I have a bad day, I take some time off to recharge my batteries. My experience with therapy helped me when I was stuck in a rut, and I always recommend it to others.

4. Plan your vacation day.

The addition of a day off from work to my schedule - where I don't let myself schedule any work - has created a significant difference in my life. Despite the challenges I face in disconnecting from my work, it is worthwhile for me to give myself time to relax regularly. My work quality is significantly enhanced after working five days straight rather than the day after a day off.

5. Whenever possible, automate.

Every day it seems that new tools are emerging to make our lives easier, both at home and in the workplace. You can now find robots to clean your floor and artificial intelligence that acts as your assistant to help you book more meetings. Take steps to automate as many tasks as possible to have more time for the important things, like taking care of yourself.

6. Make sure you get enough sleep.

The minimum amount of sleep I need each night is eight hours. There is no way I can wake up earlier than that. I use the Sleep Cycle app when I need to set an alarm. Rather than walking me up at a time when I'm deep in sleep, it wakes me at an optimal time. Several times a week, I get my body to 101 degrees by exercising, getting sunlight, eating healthily and getting my body into the sun.

7. Describe three of the most positive things that happened today.

The routine in my evening allows me to reflect on my morning routine. I write down the three best events of the day just before I go to sleep in the evening. As a result, I feel grateful and appreciative. As I contemplate how I can improve the day, I ask myself how I can do so. This 15 minute period is when I plan out my daily objectives. Since having this time everyday my sleep quality has never been so good.

8. Talk to yourself in a positive manner.

How to speak positively to myself and others is one of the most important lessons I have learned. Attention is called for in the phrase "I am." Read the following carefully. Do you mean "a stupid" or "a stupid person"? Whenever you find yourself saying "I'm going to learn this" or "I am going to ask for help with this," catch yourself and change it to "I'm going to learn this." Don't let yourself feel stupid because you aren't.

9. Don’t forget to spend time with family and friends.

Sometimes after a long day at work we just want to collapse as soon as we get home. It is worthwhile to spend time with friends and family. Host a movie night or arrange a game night. When you have unconditional support of family and friends, your mood will soar.

10. Put your creativity to use.

When you’re starting to feel burned out at work, take the time to do something creative. Doing something creative, whether it is painting for fun, creative writing, or designing something, will give you time to relax. It will inspire you with fresh ideas so that you return to work feeling energised and rejuvenated.

11. Take care of the simplest tasks first.

Getting started can be a difficult task for those with high levels of stress and busy schedules. The lists we carry around are so long and complicated that even maintaining them, let alone executing them, would be a challenge. To jumpstart your productivity and confidence, complete a few simple tasks at the beginning of each day. Make your bed, for example.

12. Set realistic goals and pace yourself.

Don't expect to accomplish everything at once. Set realistic goals and pace yourself. In other words, you may not only burn out, but also have difficulty achieving high-quality results. By stopping to look at the big picture, rather than the details, you can be re-energized and ready to push forward.

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