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The Good Guru



The Good Guru brings to you uniquely blended multivitamin capsules that are replete with 26 vital nutrients along with B vitamins to let your body perform at its fullest potential. In today's scenario wherein the overall nutritional value of the food we eat has come down drastically, it is extremely important to switch to food supplements that provide our body with the micronutrients that are essential for its functioning. Our multivitamin capsules are ideal for both men as well as women and we are one of the best multivitamin brands in the UK.

This pack of 90 capsules contains B complex vitamins, co-enzyme 10, and panax ginseng that assist in increasing energy levels and reducing lethargy and fatigue. Vitamin B further helps in improving skin health. All our products are made of completely safe and natural ingredients and are totally devoid of harmful chemicals. 100% vegan, our multivitamin capsules do not contain any animal byproduct.



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