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The Real Health Benefits of Oats

Posted by Elizabeth March on 5th Feb 2019

The Real Health Benefits of Oats

Here at The Good Guru, we are passionate about our products and take great care to ensure that each and every ingredient we choose, powers you forward with the goodness that you expect from our Brand.

There is a whole range of health benefits that are closely linked to oats, and we will get to those soon. First of all, let’s talk about how often you should be eating oats, and if you really can have too much of a GOOD thing.

If you eat oats for breakfast, not only is this an easy option, it is also incredibly balanced. So, if you want a quick answer, eating oats every day is a great choice. At The Good Guru, we serve up our oats in a range of flavours to offer you the variety needed to give you a different taste each day.

Organic Oats and Whey - Berries

Organic Oats and Whey - Chocolate

What’s more, these products are Organic Oats that are also completely gluten-free, making them exceptionally good for your health, as well as being deliciously great value for money.

8 Health Benefits of Adding Oats to your Diet

Oats are considered to be one of the greatest whole grains on the planet, and with GOOD reason. While oats are typically used for breakfast, you can include them in your cooking for a whole range of purposes, from cookies to granola bars, muffins and more.

  1. Oats Contain Antioxidants

There is a unique type of antioxidant called avenanthramides, which are found almost exclusively in oats. This group of antioxidants may help to reduce blood pressure due to the elevated production of nitric oxide. Another type of Antioxidant found in oats is called Ferulic acid.

  1. Highly Nutritious

Oats contain fibre, protein, and carbohydrates, they also have an excellent nutritional composition. Because they are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, when you eat them, you are getting a highly nutrient dense food. They contain the below-listed elements:

  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Vitamin B1, B3, B5, & B6
  • Folate
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  1. Blood Sugar Control

Oats may have the ability to reduce blood sugar levels due to the attribution of the Beta-Glucans potential to formulate a dense gel which can hold-back the emptying of the stomach and overall glucose absorption into the bloodstream. Beta-Glucan is a variety of soluble fibre that is found in large amounts in oats.

  1. Skin Health

There is a specific ingredient that is found in many modern skin care products; it is called Colloidal Oatmeal. Essentially this is another term used for finely ground oats. In 2003, the FDA approved the inclusion of this ingredient for the purpose of skin protection, but in history, the inclusion of oats in skin care dates back a lot longer.

  1. It Helps you Feel Fuller for Longer

Oats are renowned for being one of the most filling types of breakfast. It is commonly regarded that if you eat filling foods, this helps to stay in control of your calorie consumption and removes the desire to consume more calories throughout the day. For those looking to lose weight, oats are a great choice for breakfast. The inclusion of the soluble fibre Beta-Glucan is also key to this point, this is because it serves to enhance your feeling of being fuller for longer, while also delaying the time it takes to empty your stomach.

  1. Cholesterol

Yet another benefit that is directly linked to Beta-Glucan is the potential that it provides to lessen LDL cholesterol levels. By enhancing the excretion of bile that is rich in cholesterol, it can lessen the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

  1. Heart Healthy

The inclusion of fibre doesn’t just benefit the digestive system, it is also linked to heart health. The FDA has officially recognised Beta-Glucan as a key component that may lessen the risk of coronary heart disease. Grains along with many other oats are considered to be key to reducing hypertension and cholesterol, both of which negatively impact heart health.

  1. Packed with Protein

Just a single serving of oatmeal contains approximately 5g of protein. As far as grains and protein content are concerned, that’s a pretty good amount. With the inclusion of Whey in the Good Guru’s Organic Oats and Whey - Berries, and Organic Oats and Whey - Chocolate – this truly boosts your regular consumption of protein to help you attain your health goals more easily.

Another compelling feature of our Organic Oats and Whey products, is the specific inclusion of the protein powder. This truly defines the very essence of our brand as we aim to always surpass the expectation of our clients and deliver something a little bit different to our nearest and dearest competition. This added feature really does make our product stand out in a crowded marketplace and gives you complete satisfaction that you are getting GOOD Organic Oats and Whey.

Whichever reasons most appeal to you, you can rest assured that eating oats as part of your regular diet will provide you with a boost of goodness and help you on your quest to achieving your health and wellbeing goals. 

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