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Avoid Supplement Overload At Home

Avoid Supplement Overload At Home

Written by Elizabeth March

At The Good Guru, we care deeply about health and wellbeing. As a visitor to our blog or website pages, we are pretty sure that you think the same way as us!

Have you ever looked in your cupboards and thought you might have too many bottles of supplements inside that are either not being taken at all or not being taken at the correct intervals? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

First of all, we salute you! Supplement Overload is merely a resulting factor of genuinely caring for your health and wellbeing, and trying to always do the right thing, but perhaps being a little tardy when it comes to taking the right stuff at the right time.

How Can You Stop Yourself from Buying Too Many Supplements?

The answer is simple. At Good Guru, our clever product team has put together a unique kit that has been carefully created to provide you with the perfect blend of daytime and evening supplements, each delivering their own advantages, in a handy little kit.

The Good Guru Morning and Evening Kit is a combination of carefully selected supplements that are pre-packed into handy sachets for you. Each sachet contains five essential remedies that will help you get the best start and end to your day.

Save Money on Your Supplements

Buying too many supplements is easy when you want the best for your body. Perhaps you have every intention of taking them when you bought them, but it’s easy to let things slip from time to time.

Buying the Good Guru Kit will cover all your essential daytime and evening supplement needs. One purchase, one very reasonable price, one sachet in the morning, and one at night.

Maximum Benefits

If you are going to invest in buying supplements for your health and wellbeing, you want to make sure you get a return for that investment! This translates both financially and regarding the health benefits you want to extract from the products you buy. Our comprehensive inclusion of essential remedies will give you a thorough selection of supplements to both satisfy and deliver beyond your expectations. From multivitamins, Omega 3, 8-Biotics, Turmeric, Detox formula, and magnesium; these sachets really do have it all.

Quick and Easy

The design of this product was formed with convenience at its core. A pocket-sized sachet that you can take to work, take on holiday, or even take in your bag or wallet with you anywhere. Taking regular supplements has never been so easy!

Good Guru Morning and Evening Kits are sold together as one product. Each individual box provides you with 150 capsules that are equally divided into handy sachets. There are two boxes in each kit, and this provides you with a total of 30 daily servings.