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What Exactly Is BCM-95® & How Can It Help You!

What Exactly Is BCM-95® & How Can It Help You!

Written by Elizabeth March

We are thrilled to announce the latest range of Good Turmeric supplements to our profound range of products. With this in mind, we wanted to help answer your questions about the specific benefits of BCM-95®, and explain why we felt it is so good, we just had to have in our turmeric supplements.

BCM-95® Benefits Explained

We have already talked in detail about the benefits of Turmeric in a previous blog post. With all of the great advantages Turmeric offers, it presents a challenge in terms of its natural ability to be absorbed into the body, this is due in most to its poor solubility. The goodness is very much still there, but with the inclusion of the BCM-95®, this is enhanced significantly.

The BCM-95® element is essentially a delivery system that helps to boost absorption and the bioavailability of it too. While there is a huge range of products which contain curcumin, BCM-95® is comprised of all the elements of the root of the Curcuma Longa plant (Turmeric). There are in-built essential oils that boost the delivery, thus further boosting the benefits and the rate of absorption into the body. In order to achieve the optimal benefits of any supplement, the bioavailability is a key consideration when reviewing the overall successes and true body benefits.

Scientific Research also suggests that BCM-95® increases the bioavailability of Turmeric by up to seven times more than those without it.

Why We Love BCM-95® So Much

The longer length of time the Turmeric can be present in the body, the better this is considered to be. You are ultimately buying a Turmeric solution to help you improve your health or well-being in one way or another.

By having these widely regarded ingredients with you for longer, your body is will be able to extract the optimal benefits from the Turmeric products, giving you the best possible impact and effect as it will remain in the bloodstream for longer.

Buy Good Turmeric with BCM-95® Online

Research supports the following health benefits that could be achieved when you take this supplement.

  • Eases Arthritis Symptoms
  • Promotes good heart-health
  • May Improve Cognitive Functions and aids in the prevention of Alzheimer’s
  • Low-mood
  • The soothing of an upset stomach
  • Aids Digestion

You can now purchase Turmeric with BCM-95® from the Good Guru directly.