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The Good Guru Slim & Tone Detox Formula supplements has been designed to aid the liver in eliminating toxins from the liver, colon, kidneys, blood and skin. 

Modern living exposes the body to numerous toxins daily, putting extra stress on the body, particularly the liver. For the liver to function at its best essential nutrients are necessary to ensure that it performs optimally.

Good Slim & Tone Detox's essential nutrients include:

  1. N-Acetyl Cysteine neutralises environmental toxins and pollutants including heavy metals.
  2. Dandelion root and artichoke extract enhances healthy bile flow and supports liver detoxification.
  3. Chlorella binds to heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides found in the digestive tract thereby clears toxins. 
  4. Triphala extract and Psyllium husk powder soften the stool and assist with healthy elimination of the bowels.
  5. Shisandra extract is a tonic for the body and increase detoxifying enzymes in the liver eliminating toxins out of the body.
  6. Turmeric rejuvenates liver cells and manage fatty liver disease.


Quantity: 120 Capsules. 

Dosage: Take 2 (twice a day)

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