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Good Omega 3
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Good Omega 3 is a IFOS 5-star rating fish oil. It has been made using sustainable caught Norwegian salmon and wild pelagic fish. Free from detectable PCBs and contaminants. The whole process from line to finished oil takes 75 minutes, ensuring high quality virgin fish oil in its most natural form.

The essential fatty acids EPA and DHA have numerous health benefits:


Promotes a healthy heart by reducing triglycerides, blood pressure and raising levels of good HDL cholesterol

Important for healthy eyesight

Improves mood and depressive symptom

Supports brain function, cognition and memory and slowing down dementia 

Counteracts internal inflammation in the body, such as gut inflammation, inflammatory bowel conditions, coeliac disease and arthritis. 

Counteracts external inflammation in the body, such as with acne, eczema.

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